49 Days Lockdown maybe required for India - forecast

From the Paper: A three-week lockdown is found insufficient to prevent a resurgence and, instead, protocols of sustained lockdown with periodic relaxation are suggested. Forecasts are provided for the reduction in age-structured morbidity and mortality as a result of these measures.

49 Days Lockdown maybe required for India - forecast

A paper published on arXiv has presented a mathematical model of the spread of infection in a population, structured by age and social contact between ages, which predicts that 49 days of mitigatory social distancing through lockdown would be necessary for India to successfully overcome the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The Authors, Rajesh Singh and R. Adhikari are from the DAMTP, University of Cambridge and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India respectively.

Link to the arXiv paper
Direct Link to the PDF version of the Paper

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