CRR5 inhibitor reduced Cytokine Storm in COVID-19

CRR5 inhibitor reduced Cytokine Storm in COVID-19

CRR5 (CC chemokine receptor 5) was discovered during the heydays of HIV as a coreceptor required for HIV to gain entry into T cells. CRR5 inhibitors emerged as potential anti-HIV drugs with potential for use in 'novel situations' like organ transplants, tumor metastasis and immune mediated illness too.

A new release titled, 'Blood Samples at Day 0, 3 and 7 for Severely Ill COVID-19 Patients Clearly Indicate Leronlimab Has Significantly Reduced the Cytokine Storm in All (7) Patients and All Patients Demonstrated Immunological Benefit at Both Day 3 and Day 7' has the following quote:

“The Day-7 results from these patients demonstrates even more dramatic immune restoration especially in the CD8 T-lymphocyte population, the major immune cell responsible for eliminating virally infected cells. In addition, there is a further dramatic reduction in the critical cytokine storm cytokines IL-6, TNF-alpha. Collectively, these results are correlating with patients’ recovery. Some patients have been removed from ventilators, including one patient who was taken off of a heart/lung bypass machine. Critically ill patients are experiencing the benefit of extubating within 7 days of treatment with leronlimab.”

Link to Press Release at CytoDyn website

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